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Oakland, CA 94610

TEL: 510-261-5323

Spitfire Graphics is a full-service design company for web and printed material, specializing in visual solutions for small business, individuals and nonprofits.

Susan Liroff, Spitfire GraphicsI'm years late in updating my own site... Why??? Well, dear web browser, you know the story of the cobbler's children, yes? Ah, intentions intentions. This is to say that I give my clients' work more attention than my own. That's a good thing, yes?

As an activist as well as a designer, I'm always trying to improve the world AND meet my client deliverables before I get to my own work. THAT is why I'm offering you this disclaimer and inviting you to browse the work I've done for others (that could be you!) before you pass judgment on my own pages.

Come back and visit and you'll see links to my favorite causes, pictures of my cat (oh joy!), and much much more!

A list of very happy client references can be provided at request.

Thank you for visiting SpitfireGraphics.com

  -susan liroff  



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